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USA Today Leaks How Barbara Gordon got her Spine Back

Massive Spoilers
Apparently she went to a clinic in South Africa that specialised in spinal injuries, and that's how her paralysis was cured after three years as Oracle.

IF that is the case and not just some misinformation on the part of Gail, that explanation...

Kind of leaves me underwhelmed. On the one hand, it's definately not the cop-out, cheap explanation of "her injuries weren't as bad as she thought" or "Zatanna cured you with a potion made from ground up pixies and the dreams of orphaned stampcollectors!", and is actually something of a credible explanation in reality as well...

But I don't know, something about it just doesn't seem to gel. Doesn't really have an umph impact or something.

Also, heh, so both Steph and Barbara spent some time in Africa to recover from plots involving their injuries/deaths? Okay then.

For legality, a Christmasy moment with Harley and Babs,

Ah, Kara/Babs one of the less pronounced friendships in the DCAU. Apparently they're close enough to spend Christmas together (as opposed to Kara spending it with Clark and the Kents) as stated in the Justice League Christmas episode.
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"In the new book, Gordon spent three years in a wheelchair before going to a clinic in South Africa that specializes in a procedure allowing patients to walk again."

What The Categorical HELL!?

"a host of baddies in upcoming issues (...) including the "man-hating female assassin" Gretel"

Really? Good for you Gail, because what we really need is another straw-women feminist portrayal in comics.

"Barbara was an inspiring figure in the wheelchair. We want the story of her difficult and courageous recovery to be inspiring, as well. Her rehab isn't a magic potion. Recovering from trauma is often a long, painful struggle with many missteps. We have to be honest and respect that and show it. If we can't do that, I wouldn't agree to write the book."

DC editorial has already shown respect enough I think, by saying what they really think about the worth of a human being directly related to their mobility and how everyone should just save the millions needed to give themselves some magic-science treatments and get better.

I wish I could see this from a brighter perspective, but despite all the good writing that I've seen at s_d from Simone's part, it doesn't really matter how good that writing might be because all the underlying foundation still stinks. That and it just sounds really that she's too enamoured with a character she really liked and always wanted a chance to write with a certain status quo, and she can't bring herself to admit that the character has now lost most of its gravitas from the last thirty years.
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"a host of baddies in upcoming issues (...) including the "man-hating female assassin" Gretel"

Really? Good for you Gail, because what we really need is another straw-women feminist portrayal in comics.

Isn't it rather a major assumption that she's a "straw-woman feminist" since we have no evidence either way?
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When you put a misandrist into a medium such as superhero comic books where misogyny is so prevalent, it's hard to think the character won't be portrayed in a certain way, or even if not, that the audience won't attribute that name to the character. Which ultimately will only harm the female characters even more.

I'm reminded of that Powerpuff Girls episode where the villain was exactly that, called a feminist and portrayed bad because of her actions, but every time she pointed out some sexist behaviour in society I couldn't help but agree with her. Or a movie I once saw which actually had a good concept for a plot, but the fact that they framed it as a black men being racist over a mixed-ethnicity marriage just made my skin tremble with a certain disgust. The whole thing was just too sketchy and to me concepts like those always move into the realm of the uncomfortable because most times the minority in question is still not on equal grounds in society (despite what the writers might think), despite what the fiction always seems to assume.
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That reminds me of the Justice League's episode, "Fury", with the Amazon Aresia, who wanted to kill off all teh menz. Even when it came out, I found it problematic, and now it just makes me face-palm.
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You're actually perpetuating the stereotype by assuming that 'feminist' will somehow be linked with 'man-hating' though, aren't you, as I see don't see the evidence for the conclusion in the interview. One can be 'man-hating' without having any feminist notions whatsoever.
I'll make a similar leap, though, and assume that there was once a 'Hansel', and perhaps he's the root of the man-hate.
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"Man-hater" is going to be linked with "feminist" whether Simone or DC want it to or not. In this society and in this particular medium, there is absolutely no way in hell that a female "man-hating assassin" is not going to invoke feminism. I'd wager a large pile of delicious doughnuts that pseudo-feminist theories will be deliberately invoked during this character's introduction; if by some miracle that does not happen, reviews, online comments, and interviews with creators/critics will invoke it and it will eventually make its way into the books. There's no way to get around it, and trying to pretend that drexer is the problem simply because s/he brought up this fact is very, very disingenuous.
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My point stands. There's nothing in the interview that links the two. You're extrapolating based upon your own biases.
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I kind of agree with you here.

Maybe I'm just a cranky, obnoxious, unadaptable, stupid person, but... I just don't like that Oracle's been "fixed," no matter how realistic the spinal surgery solution is. Gail's been doing a fantastic job writing, as usual, and I have a huge amount of respect for her, and I reeeeeeeeally want to like the new Batgirl series, and I've been trying, but I just can't get over the fact that Oracle's gone.

I liked the ongoing story of "I'm paralyzed now? Fuck that, I'm going to be a superhero anyway, using my SUPER-LIBRARIAN skills, and by the way, I can still kick your ass nine ways to Sunday." I liked having a superhero proving that you can still kick ass even if you can't swing from rooftops anymore.

I guess I'm just being difficult and resistant to change. I wish I didn't have so much trouble adapting, because I feel like I'm being a stick in the mud by not being so hyped for Babs-Batgirl's return.
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You are not alone.
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I feel really bad for not liking Babs-back-as-Batgirl. I'm giving it a fair chance, but I just can't get over it! I just feel like Oracle as we knew her was so much stronger a character.
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You're not obligated to like her! Wally West fans don't feel guilty about not deciding that Barry Allen is the best Flash, do they? Barbara as Batgirl is not the same character as Oracle-Barbara, IMO. The reversion was really insulting to her character and her fans and took away a lot of what made her character so great, including her name (Oracle, not derivative of any male character), her role in founding the Birds of Prey and running her own team, her friendships in the DC universe and her influence in other characters's lives.

If someone enjoys Babsgirl, that's fine. I'm sure Gail's writing is excellent. But there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about preferring Oracle!

If you look for Barbara's Not Broken on Facebook, you'll see a number of other fans who prefer her incarnation as Oracle.
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this. so much.
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"a host of baddies in upcoming issues (...) including the "man-hating female assassin" Gretel"

Oh my god, how is this even going to work so that I don't end up hating everyone involved?