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From New Mutants #34

We see Blink doing her teleporting thing as she saves lives in a fire in Arizona, vanishing before they can even thank her.

A few weeks later, in San Fransicso, it's moving day for the team, as Dani and Nate shift boxes from their moving van to their new house. We meet one of their neighbours.

Ah the rictus grimace of the old-lady-befuddled young person, always fun to see, provided it's not happening to you.

One never really imagines there being expat Latverians! One wonders if she's the sort of old lady who thinks that Doom is the best thing that could have happened to the old country, or she got out by the skin of her teeth, or whether her past is mostly irrelevant?

Nate, Berto and Warlock are also checking out the new house as they move in,

I love the toonlike notion of Warlock treating his eyes like binoculars, then unplugging one from his face and handing one over to Berto so he can take a gander too.

Berto mentions that whilst he understands why Amara can't help move in (She's trying to get a job) but he'd like to know why Doug isn't helping. Dani explains that he's actually working on a job for her regarding Blink, who Cyclops has assigned the team as their next "Find out what happened to..." mission...

Doug's looking healthier here than he has been the last few issues, whew! (I bet since he DOES speak Latverian, Mrs Livitz will probably take a shine to him, and make it her mission to feed him up!) (Also, styling socks there Dougie boy)

I'd forgotten that Blink was another resurectee from "Necrosha", I'd thought Doug was the only holdover reanimate from that story.

I like his reaction to Dani's next question...

I have to do a bit of pattern recognition in my job, but the thought of being able to hold all that in your head... EEK! :)

Shaping up to be a fun story I think, and the likely villain(s) of the piece appear to be in Doug's list of events (And no, it's not Starbucks...)

And one of the benefits of Doug's return has been the upping of his profile in terms of other mdeia, as these recent obtained sketch-cards show.

By Chris Foreman

By Jeanette Swift. Not Doug's best day, to be sure...

(Don't worry, he got better... it took over 20 years, but he got better)

By David Lee
"Are you messing with my little buddy, punk? Well? ARE YOU?!"

And this one is, I think my favourite, by Tony Fleec (Who also did this awesome Bucky card, that I just missed out on)

Who's a cute li'l fella then!

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From: [personal profile] propagandor
The New Mutants cameo in Journey into Mystery has been posted onto scans daily, check it out


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