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Foolish Heroism

Although I hate Parallax, I've always had a soft spot for Final Night. I think it's one of the best crossovers DC ever had, which pitted Earth's heroes against a Sun-Eater bent on eating our sun. In the end, it was Hal Jordan, fresh from the Zero Hour debacle, who saved the day, by sacrificing himself. Say whatever you want about the idea to darken him, I think his sacrifice is one of the finest in all of comics. In fact, I found most of issue #4 deeply moving.

The issue starts with Kyle Rayner returning from space, after having tried to persuade Hal to help them. He wasn't sure he could ever face his superhero friends and teleported Kyle back to Earth, without an answer. This means our heroes have to come up with an alternative plan. They're going to send a space ship into the Sun-Eater armed with a device they think can kill it. They just need someone to pilot it. Of course Superman volunteers immediately:

(ah, Lex is so perfectly captured here)

He just has to get something done, and then he'll leave:

But someone else is in the spaceship:

Aww! This is when I start to get all teary-eyed. I just love Ferro's foolish but well-meaning heroism. Sacrificing himself in Superman's place because he's too important! Talk about being an inspiration. Ferro had also previously met the Legion of Super-Heroes and Spark had loaned him her flight ring. It always moves me to read the promise he made to her.

But things don't work out according to plan:

(At this point I'm already crying)

But as you know, rings have a history in the DCU, so:

Hal's words here always get me!

He sends Ferro back to Earth, recites his oath one last time and kills the Sun-Eater, and Earth is saved:

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I really like this Hal. Can we have this Hal back?