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Second Dark Knight Rises Trailer Leaked

Well peeps, as some of you may know, the second trailer along with the prologue will debut tonight at midnight with Sherlock Holmes and Mission Impossible. However, as usual, someone was kind enough to leak it online.

The sound and visual quality isn't great, but at least this gives us an idea of what we're in for. :}

Source link:

Description of the trailer in case video goes bye bye: it just me or has Bruce and Selina dancing at a masquerade ball become a cliche now in Bat cinema?

For legality:

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But Bane's also meant to be something akin to a wandering mercenary in this film, from what I've read, suggesting that he's either part of a travelling League cell, kicking ass and fucking people up all over the world - given he has enough of a rep that the CIA want him - or he's separated from the League and Talia possibly brings him back into the fold.

It's also worth remembering that Bruce learnt a lot of stuff from Ra's, in this universe, which isn't quite true to the books either. Bruce had a knowledge of criminals, sure, but most of his training in fighting and stealth and the like came from Ra's. And given what we've seen and heard about Bane, it sounds like he uses way more extremist tactics than Ra's, both in hand to hand combat and his general warfare style.