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How the Bat and the Cat spent their Christmas during the Golden Age of Comics

Tis that time of year peeps. You know the one I mean. It's a time for friends and family, lots of food and gift giving, all that fun holiday stuff.

But how did the Bat and the Cat celebrate their Christmas in the Golden Age of comics? Well, long before they were married and living under the same roof with a very young daughter, they spent it doing the one thing they do best! Playing Cat and Mouse...or in this case...Bat and Cat!

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From Batman #39, our story begins like any other Christmas tale would:

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And so Batman and Robin begin their investigation on their "catnapping" case. Among the stolen kitties are a red persian cat named 'Scarlet O'Hair,' a white cat named 'Whitey,' and a tailless cat named 'Tag.'

Like the cats' owners, Batman and Robin don't know why Catwoman chose those specific cats. However, they catch their first break when they located Tag (the tailless cat), who had a gas-filled tail attached to him to knock out anyone that got in the Catwoman's way! And of course, they meet up with the Boss Lady herself!

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Oh hey! Blonde Selina is BLONDE! There *is* truth to her hair-colour-changing after all!

But wait! Don't kill the Catwoman's love interest Batman! Without Batman, how ever will the Catwoman get her yarn to play with?

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And the Catwoman's next gig...The White Knight arrives!

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"You know...mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it."

"But a kiss...can be even deadlier if you mean it."

Oh Classic BatCat never gets old. ♥

And of course, the story ends with Catwoman presumably going to jail (and escaping), and everyone gets their cats back.

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