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I need a balance from announcing deaths...

And so to that end, I'm going to spend the next couple of posts to showcase a couple of artists who are not only well and truly alive, but who have a vibrancy to them that re-energises me just looking at them.

Here's the first, a chap by the name of Patricio Oliver, an Argentinian artist who has a blog here and who is a regular contributor to the always worth a wander through Project: Rooftop.

He has a very stylised style which could annoy the hell out of me, and in lesser hands probably would, but these are beautiful, with a very Erté feel to it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

And a couple of the most popular members there

A purely notional (alas) New X-Men cartoon

And highlighting two of the most popular characters

There are many more individual images at the blogspot, which I thoroughly recommend for a visit.

And a fun assortment of 1920's style New Mutants, for no reason other than the 20's were fun

M'boys, Cypher and Warlock

Karma and Sunspot

Moonstar and Magik

Magma and Wolfsbane (I love her red riding hood)

And last, but by no means least, Cannonball!

And for legality a couple of cover reworkings with the originals alongside for comparison

And New Mutants #60 (aka the comic that put icon_uk off comics for years)

And because I like the use of contrast, Northstar

But this is how I first cam across Patricio's work, as he shares my abiding affection for Saint Seiya (Which was HUGE in South America, amongst other places, back in the day)

The Bronze Saints of Saint Seiya

Pegasus Seiya

Draco Shiryu and Cygnus Hyoga

Andromeda Shun and brother Phoenix Ikki

Unicorn Jabu (Technically it's Monocerous, but Unicorn is better known). He's not a major character, but I always liked the armour.
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omg saint seya!! my childhood ;__;