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This comes from Bizarro World and is written by Patton Oswalt and drawn by Bill Fingerman. Two pages out of five.

The story starts with Batman recounting the events of Christmas to Alfred.

First, Batman tracks down Killer Croc to the sewers. Killer Croc manages to escape and Batman is covered in filth. Later, he hears reports of the Joker making a getaway.

Alfred asks him to recount the events again for the log, and Batman instead decides to give him short-hand notes to be filled in later:

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For me, that last page is a classic case of why you shouldn't spoil the joke by explaining it.

Seeing the grade school Batman Smells song in visual form might have been funnier if they had left it up to us to realize what was going on here. Or at least made it a bit more subtle at the end there.


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