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Preview from The Avengers 20

Ummm... when did the Vision (and it looks like adult Vision....) rejoin the Avengers.... also i was wondering... whatever happened to the story line where Victoria Hand was supposedly gonna betray the avengers to... that lady in black who shot Mockingbird? also has there been any fall out from Mockingbird's supersoldier/Infinity formula blood transfusion?
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Adult Vision? Guess the artist/writer forgot all about the current status quo/continuity... (or I missed something...?)

Hawkeye back in that look? Movie tie-in (kinda) anyone?
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Repairing Original!Vision has apparently been Tony's secret hobby for awhile.

What can I say, it's better that he keeps busy tinkering with defective androids than he keeps busy trying his hand at social engineering.
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I like movie-tin look more than the big-ass buccaneer boots he and Cap still sport in 2011. And that stupid Wolverine mask thing.