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Leviathan Unmasked

HUGE Spoilers behind the cut for Batman: Leviathan Strikes. I'm not kidding here.



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Morrison. I like your work on Batman. I love that you introduced Damian. Love how you interpret the Joker. Hell I actually love this book...but dude for the love of god what is the deal with Talia's heel turn?!
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An effort to make her something other than the fairly spineless vacillating love interest who won't leave the genocidal, megalomaniac madman who is her father for... no adequately explained reason?

I'm not saying it worked, or anything like it, but previous takes on Talia barely have her being a character.
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Hey I'm all for character but I always thought that she wanted to get away from being..well..her father's daughter.
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You'd think so, but somehow she never left him, she was always either with him, or would go back to him, and not even to particularly try and stop him.