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Birds of Prey #4

All I have to say is great issue once again! Also I think I'm starting to develop girl crushes on Katana and Starling. :3

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Oh gee. Judging by the page, could the missing bird in question actually be a certain Batgirl? Now I know why she didn't appear on the cover of #5.

Also, light-bending invisible men going boom wipes out memories also? This Choke guy gets more and more interesting as the issues come along. Really loving the new Birds!

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time for Ivy Katana, Dinah and her new girlfriend, to save Dinah's old girlfriend :D
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bwahahahaha... not for me but have at it Di :D
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i have no idea what you are talking about.... oh Hai Ex-Robins :DDDD

i wll admit, the image of Vampire!Jubilee taking out two sentinels almost made me straight for a second.... there have been other moments but i rember seeing that and going... Wow... is this what straight feels like? :D
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heh well i grew up with the fox x-men series and have loved Jubes ever since, but it was just the moment itself... she took down a sentinel solo. with a knife... it was BADASS :D
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hehe yeah that's me (aged myself) Rogue has since gotten better, she can control it (it was a thing) but yeah, not that i do it much (saddly) but not being able to do it at all.. hells NO! (it wasn't so much kill as put them into a coma if she held on too long...:)

OOOh totally off topic... i must thank lobdell for the but shot of Miguel i might make that into an icon :DDD
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here we do not have to be ashamed of our love of DAT ASS :D have you seen Icon's green Scale giff? :D and yes, that is what i am talking about :D the one when he see's the cacoon and it is a full shot of his backside :D

yeah im not ancient still in mah 20's but still :D
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i'm still 12 at hear LOL eh to each his/her own... erm ass :D

hehe i wonder how long until Icon realizes we are talking about robin ass :D.... how did we end up talking about ass O_o
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oh hai Helenas... :3
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damn it. now i am trying to find THAT clip :D i LOVED that one :D
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AH it's a COMIC that's why i can't find it!!!!
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Motto and +1

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Am I the only one who's found this whole plot extremely irritating. I'd like to buy this book but I just hate this story.
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i actually love it, i love the intruige and Mission Impossible-ness of it.
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Me too! I like action in my comics. Pages like this make me want to buy a lot more~
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Fourthed! I am really loving this book. It's mostly the interaction between the characters and there's been some good non-linear storytelling.

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really? It doesn't feel actiony to me. It feels like a giant mindgame to me and I wouldn't be surprised to see the climax end up with some sort of "what was real" thing

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-12-22 01:27 am (UTC)(link)
I don't particularly care about the level of violence. It just doesn't feel "real" to me. I basically wouldn't be surprised if 90% of the violence turned out to be staged or lies or illusions basically. To use wrestled parlance I feel like it's setting readers up to be swerved
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I love everyone in this book. I haven't done cosplay in years but I'm totally seeing both Canary and Starling in my future (or perhaps just Canary and my BFF as Starling).
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Might I ask to people who are truly reading the book, what's Starling's 'thing'? I see her in most pages, doing something or other in a weird 'badass' pretend way, but she doesn't seem to have any defining characteristics whatsoever and seems to me much like a RIC, hardly defined yet extremely competent.
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Actually... She kind of reminds me of Face from the A-Team. A competent, smooth-talker. She has the personality of someone who could talk her way out of anything and I get the feeling that she would be incredibly good at poker. That's basically how her personality/character strikes me as, anyways.

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she strikes me as a mole, that Canary will be totally wrong to trust her and everyone warning her about her will be right
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I actually haven't seen/read anyone warning Canary about Starling...?

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-12-22 12:20 am (UTC)(link)
she's on all kinds of watch lists and all and Barbara reminded her of that very firmly
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So is Dinah. So is Katana. The whole point of the team they've put together (unless Barbara is going to be a permanent addition) is 'people who've fallen onto the wrong side of the law, somehow'.

[personal profile] jlbarnett 2011-12-22 11:44 am (UTC)(link)
yes, well, I think the reason why Dinah has is because she's hanging with a legit criminal
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Starling, I love your hair. Also, this is no longer subtext, Starling and Dinah are full on textual. Ev even uses pet nicknames for Dinah.

This book continues to be awesome. And the art continues to be incredible. I love their costumes and the artist consistently draws fantastic women and great facial expressions! I loved Starling's face right before she knocked out the second walking bomb guy, and when Babs showed up.
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I like Ivy's new look and powers. Also with her coat, she looks like a badass. Wonder if she still has her friendship with Harley though.
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Loving this book a lot more than expected!
(on the totally opposite end, an highly awaited title, Batgirl, I've been finding it so-so)

Gripe on grips

[personal profile] jfurioso 2011-12-28 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Katana is holding her sword wrong for a kenjutsu practicioner. There should be space between the hands, placing the lower one at the bottom of the hilt.