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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) encounters Miles (wearing a cheap store-bought Spider-Man costume) and takes him to SHIELD. There, Nick Fury and the rest deduce from his blood that he's the real deal. Jessica thinks the impersonation is in poor taste.

Electro manages to escape from SHIELD custody. Against Fury's orders, Miles confronts him.

With Electro's electricity disrupted by Miles' venom blast, Nick Fury is able to take him down.

The next day, Miles gets a visit from someone at school...

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Am I the only one who thinks the store bought Spidey suit is actually pretty awesome looking? Just saying. I like it.
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I like it too!
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I like it too. I wonder if Fisk still has all the merchandising rights to Spider-Man? No, wait, he died, didn't he? So who has the rights now? I would hope they would be given to Peter's family somehow.