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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) encounters Miles (wearing a cheap store-bought Spider-Man costume) and takes him to SHIELD. There, Nick Fury and the rest deduce from his blood that he's the real deal. Jessica thinks the impersonation is in poor taste.

Electro manages to escape from SHIELD custody. Against Fury's orders, Miles confronts him.

With Electro's electricity disrupted by Miles' venom blast, Nick Fury is able to take him down.

The next day, Miles gets a visit from someone at school...

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[personal profile] lieut_kettch 2011-12-22 03:42 am (UTC)(link)
Why does Ultimate Jess look (and dress) like she's in her mid-twenties? Isn't she supposed to be the same age as Peter?
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They've never really expanded her story which has always bugged me. Where did she go after she left Peter back in the clone saga?

Also I really really like Miles's Spider-Man costume.
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I love Jess but it really annoys me that 99% of her character development has been between panels. She's already a wildly different character between the Clone Saga and the Doomsday trilogy, and different again between Doomsday and her few appearances so far in Ultimates and Ult Spidey v2. It's not that it's impossible to connect the dots, but we shouldn't have to to this extent!
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Well, she's appearing in a covert but official capacity as a member of the Ultimates/a SHIELD agent. Granted, I doubt the Ultimates have a dress code, but she's far younger than any of the rest of the team and I could easily buy her choosing to dress more formally in a bid to be treated as an adult by her co-workers who probably average out at at least twice her (physical and mental, though not chronological) age if not more.