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Remember that thing that happened before all those big events started, where Tony was stressing over a mole in his company?

Apparently, so does Marvel.

Finally, after the many world-Avenger-related crises Tony's had to face, he's able to have a meeting.

Tony asks about the advancements, and realized how LONG he's been out of the loop in his own industry... they talk about what they've been working on, such and such, and then, someone finally brings up the elephant in the room.

Next page is.... well, just an excuse to post about awesome redheads. Any objections?

AND FINALLY, the first moment the mole--AND THE FAN THEORIES WERE RIGHT--comes to light.

Looking through the threads way way back, people were making guesses at Spymaster being the mole in this one, and they were right, apparently.

Now, all that's left is to see who he is on the team (Tony suspects Pimacher, by the way, and the speech patterns are consistent with his, although they probably will make it someone unexpected) and what their plans will come to eventually.

If it is Pimacher, I sorely hope for a heel-face-turn because he's got a boyfriend in the team for Chrissakes

.... yay!

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Asgardia is the Asgard theme park Tony's building, using the highest Stark tech. They've got one of those swinging pirate ship/rocket-ship things, based on Thor's hammer, a Spinning Meadcups ride, Loki's Twisted Chaos Coaster, The Warriors Three All-Singing All-Dancing Revue, and more!

Okay, not really (probably not really, I don't read it), but that's what I envisioned when I read the name.