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Headcannon: He's only been around humanity at Christmas time for a few hours, and the holiday music's ALREADY pissed him off.
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He did ask them to change the lyrics to "When a Child is Born... or Decanted From an Advanced In-vitro Age-accelleration Chamber", but they said no,
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Have a little joke rant here, sorry it rubs people the wrong way

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Yeah, I bet those guys turn him down are the ones who are FOR people greeting each other by directly stating their individual holidays regardless if the person they are greeting may or may not part take in in said holiday. How intensive can they be? Superboy should sue them as well as a kid's school if one does that, cause they kinda let that thing when they should strictly impose the moral of being sensitive to other people's faith or nonfaith in their own religions, which is good enough reason to take whatever money the school has for himself like so many political pioneers who had to deal with that problem every year, cause being mildly annoyed by other people for celebrating holidays that existed for thousands of years is unacceptable.

Censoring mild greetings for enjoying certain days of year is the only way to progress in this harshly conservative and Republican run government that we currently live in. If someone says "Merry Christmas" to you, you should punch in the face. That's the only way to get those brain-dead, intolerant, ignorant, evil, stupid super rich hicks can shut about their dumb old beliefs.
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Re: Have a little joke rant here, sorry it rubs people the wrong way

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Not rubbed the wrong way,. but not really seeing how my comment resulted in this reply.

Also, to be honest, not quite seeing the crux of your argument, but it's late here and my irony senses may be in power-down mode.
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So rather than just have a clone who is already aware that he is a clone while not having that "Who am I" trek and just have him try be as awesome as the dude he is clone from... they have him be a human robot who is jerk at Christmas... it's kind offcial. I do not care for the new Superboy...