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A villain armed with the Shield of Cher

I've been reading through some of the previous run on Supergirl, going back on the bits that I missed. I know that the first few issues were dreadful, with the hangover from Superman/Batman, then there was nonsense with Kara being a quilled assassin from Krypton, then at some point it became good. I've read through the Resurrection Man/Supergirl vs. the Terminally ill boy arc (containing issue #32, which this story is from), which was a bit grim, but with some good moments. Is there anything further back that's worth reading, or have I gone back as far as I reasonably can?

We're now 50 years in the future, and Supergirl is still calling herself Supergirl, which is a bit disappointing. She does have a nice new uniform though.

The story here is that Supergirl has got herself a bunch of soldiers and they're teaming up against Dolok, a time-travelling superbaddy. His power comes from a device built into his armour and he makes short work of Supergirl and her team, strapping a Kryptonite collar on her.

And because he's a time-traveller, he knows how to escape

Yep, Kara waited in space for Dolok for a decade. That's pretty badass

*a point to the person who can tell me which film this song is an integral part of
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Depends when the splitting-point of those futures is I suppose. (Plus the Supers have tended to avoid learning about their own futures when travelling into the future)
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With Legion-Prime, she might not have needed to search historical records. IIRC, she never realized that she was in a different universe. She might have just browsed through Tinya's longboxes and read about herself. Would've been weird though if she ever read about her pre-Crisis self and her death in CoIE. Or read the "Many Happy Returns" arc by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.