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Just bought a collected book of the old Pokemon news comic strips, back around when Gold and Silver were still the newest games on the market. earlier this year. Had been meaning to post the parts about Ash's horrifying Pikachu outfit and the Christmas special, but didn't got around to it because of other plans.... that, and I just procrastinated like a bump on a petrified log.... well, this brings up one of my New Year resolutions: Have an idea and work on it ASAP!

Let see what the half-a-dozen of the original 150 Pokemon plan to do for the new year...

Oh SNAP! Jigglepuff. To those who remember watching Jigglepuff when it first appeared on the show and followed the gang on their adventures, poping out to sing its song and doodling on everyone's face after they fall asleep from it. Congratulations! You are officially old! The show that kids today like but you hate means you are now your parents, if not older siblings, who say the shows you love are garbage.... my attempt to get some humor on here before the year is out.

This year had it up and downs for me, and that not including the new games and world events that came out so far. One thing, I graduated from college within 4 years without going over budget! The down, I lost my car for a second on the road and got it totaled. I'm not hurt, but I now I have to buy a new car that would clean my checking account back to zero.  Another, Dan Green lost his wife after giving birth to twins... to help the guy out here is a video that can tell you how and get sweet rewards for it. I wish I could put in a donation, but I have no cash to spare at the time.

Here hoping to 2012, let the doomsday hype flicker out so we can get on with our lives... more so. Enjoy your parties people,  I made 3 sets of brownies for mine!

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These are really cute. <3


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