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Newsarama have a preview

Now this is the sort of challenge that seems worthy of the X-Club

With the number of rogue organisations who might have access to mutagenic materials in the MU, it's perhaps a surprise this doesn't happen more often.

And parents lock up your daughters (and interested sons, though judging by this I don't think he would be interested in them), because Dr Nemesis is accesorising with mutant echinoderms!

TELEPATHIC mutant echinoderms. OOPS!

Date: 2012-01-02 02:00 am (UTC)
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She got doublecrossed and killed, so the mentally-powered-squids- wielding agent of HYDRA known as the Hive stuck it on her head to revive her.

She doesn't have it now, though; during her current team-up with Norman Osborn, what basically happened was:

" You know, we have two scientific supervillains and several members of AIM working for us, so we could probably get that thing off your head no prob. "
" Oh, could you? That'd be great. "


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