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I wonder if this is laying down foundation of Lois being slightly suspicious of Clark being superman?

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"I wonder if this is laying down foundation of Lois being slightly suspicious of Clark being superman?"

Maybe. But wouldn't the time have come for that years ago? And not FIVE years after she met him. In both Waid's Birthright and Johns' Secret Origins (both of which were canon pre-reboot) Lois knew something was not right with Clark/he was hiding something from the beginning. I liked that idea since it diffused the idea she was totally clueless (perhaps garnered by the Superman movies). Heck, even the much derided Silver Age Lois Lane was always trying to prove that Clark Kent WAS Superman. But thanks to DC's new strange timelines, we're supposed to believe Lois has been working with Clark side by side (until her corporate promotion - which I still don't think fits her) for half a decade and has never been curious at all?
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Yeah, exactly.

I dunno, waiting for the 5-year gap to run its course and NOW find out he's Supes for the reader seems a bit silly...Not Lois-y for me...
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hmmm i don't think that's it at all... the Dialogue is a little ambiguous... What Lois is actually saying is "When Clark want's to come out, he will come out in his own time"

"It's up to Clark to pick the time..." ect.

in this context, think of someone who knows some one is gay, other people around him think something is up with him. Lois, being Lois, knows he is gay, but wants him to come out when he feels he is ready... does that make any sense... ima little inder the weather
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Isn't diffusing the idea of a clueless Lois what Byrne and Waid absolutely did not do?