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Newsarama has a few X-title previews, including Uncanny X-Men #4

This issue is a one shot which features the return of the Borg Phalanx (Nosiree, not the Borg, not the Borg at ALL!) as we see a story from the point of view of an isolated member of the Collective... the Hivemind!.

Along comes Sinister with what looks like a vacuum cleaner/proton pack on steroids and captures one, destroying the rest of the cluster.

Well, there's no way THIS could horribly backfire on Sinister, is there now?

And this gives me a chance to mention an amusing little comparison I noted a few weeks back.

Now, Ben 10 has been a fun cartoon series (The sequels less so IMHO, but let's not go into that here, unless anyone cares to of course) but there have been one or two suggestions along the way that it's not entirely original in concept. The entire notion is Dial H for H.E.R.O. writ large, and a couple of the alien forms that Ben can dial up are also skirting the edge of existing properties, and none moreso than the techno based alien known as Upgrade...

Here's Upgrade

And here's Warlock (Just for variety this is how he appeared in the 1990's X-Men cartoon series)

Now one of Warlock's more unique powers was that he and Doug Ramsey could merge forms compltely, becoming essentially, a fusion of them both, known as Douglock...

That was Alan Davis' take on it, this is Art Adams...

You can read as much subtext into those scenes as you like, I know I do. :)

Generator Rex is another series from the same "Men of Action" stable as the Ben 10 Franchise, about Rex, another teenage hero who, due to a complicated plot device, has the ability to spontaneously cause nanites in his body to produce a number of technological extensions to his own body, allowing him to fight many of the similarly nanite infected life-forms which resulted from the same mysterious event which gave him his powers. (It has some great designs to it, especially some of the monsters, which are insane anime level monstrous.)

But getting back to the theme of this portion of the post, in the recent Generator Rex/Ben 10 crossover episode (Which wasn't that bad), we see something which may be a touch familiar in concept and tone. As Ben explains that the only way for Rex to use his own tech-generating powers to stop the bad guy is to get an upgrade... and he means it in a more literal sense than Rex realises. .

So Ben dials up Upgrade...

And then...

Yup, you have just seen two guys mingling molecules at the most profound level on primetime cartoon TV! Mazel Tov!

And after noting that it feels weird (No shit Rex!), the first thing that Ben does now he's achieved total bodily penetration with another fella is redesign his wardrobe (I hate to use the term "How gay is THAT?" but it does seem more appropriate here than usual. :) )

Ben then mimics another of Warlock's tendencies when Douglock was created, popping up a spare head to converse with Doug.

There isn't a proper clip I can find online to demonstrate it with their discussions, but this AMV has most of the salient points...

And to round the episode off, it's perhaps better that we don't discuss the Freudian implications of one guy sucking another guy up to fire him out of his great ummm... "Slamcannon"... o_O

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