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Heroes! A bit of Sinestro, a bit of Booster and a bit of Mister I.

Hi guys and gals!
Wishing you all an Happy New Year!
'Hope you all had a great time.

I'd like to start off the year with a bit of all my Heroes!

A bit of Sinestro, a bit of Booster and a bit of Mister I. aka M. Immortal himself!


In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light.. Sit tight - Sinestro's Yellow Lanterns aren't that bright!!~

Enters the Sinestro Corps!!


When you need to reinvent your image... $ell Out!!

What's that on that first panel? Yeah, it's a reference to Boosterrific.com. I dedicate this smart advertisement, Goldstar Inc., to that website, the #1st place on the web for everything Booster Gold-related!

Introducing Booster's crew, Dirk and Trixie.


Mr. Immortal - 'nuff said!

Poor guy :(

Hope you'll like 'em! :D

(will someone get angry if I added Dirk and Trixie tags?)

Don't hesitate to comment on those either here on my blog, leave feedback and whatnot!
I do like to take input from you guys 'n' gals for future ideas!
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