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When Cass was Batgirl and Steph was Robin...

From Batgirl 53
Cass is out disrupting an illegal arms deal on the streets of Gotham, when it suddenly takes a turn for the unexpected.

Luckily Batman sends a temp to go and help out Cass,

Cass: Steph... your hair is HUGE!

Thus begins one of the few times Cass and Steph teamed up professionally that didn't have Bruce tell them not to, hooray!

Of course it was heavily implied after Batman fired her, that Bruce only gave Steph the job to make Tim jealous, and make him return to the job that he'd retired from at his father's request. Oh well.

They find that the Penguin was the one who was selling the superguns to gangs around the city, and has been using one of his henchmen's five year old daugther to transport them, on the basis that people won't expect a child of smuggling guns. Well, this WAS the guy who had a side operation of farming the unwanted babies of teenage mothers over in Broken City, so it shouldn't really be that suprising.

Another weakness of Cass' rears it's ugly head: a lack of people skills!

Steph and Cass go to get Oswald, and Steph gets speach-a-fying,

This was the first of two team-ups they had while Steph was Robin (though there might have been more in flashback if Steph's series had been allowed to progress *bitter*), and they only met briefly once more before Steph died in War Games. *sigh*
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...why did they make Steph's hair so big when she became Robin? I like the fact that they had her pull it back, but there's just so much of it. (Surprised Bruce didn't make her dye it.)
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Yeah, it was simply part of her awesome unique Robin design^^
Loved it!
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No-Prize answer: It's a Kate Kane-style wig that comes off easily if grabbed in combat.

And Bruce didn't make her dye her hair because it'd take more than hairdye to make Steph into a tiny clone of his (which he can then put inside of him, from largest to smallest).
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Bat-matryoshkas. *nods* Very important.
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That'd be because of Waynetech's patented head-protecting haircare products.

"Cowl and Shoulders" shampoo and conditioner makes hair fluffy, pettable and able to withstand impacts better than a crash helmet (It also prevents dandruff), but as Steph discovered, it has unfortunate volumising side-effects when used on blonde hair.

Why else do you think all his other Robin's had black hair?