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Young Avengers Children's Crusade #8

First off, Billy Calls shenanigans on the Avengers and he X-Men.

Doom was behind DisAssembled?

Scott flies inside Giant Doom to distract him while Billy and Wanda work some magic. (Its a VERY touching scene). It appears Scott was smoosed... Cassie is NOT amused.

Fallen Avenger?

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Exactly how does Decimation give Doom more power?

I think Heinberg is too good a writer to try to fix bad storytelling with even worse storytelling.

Yes, I know. Still better than removing what was left of her agency in this case by putting it on Doom.
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Ah, ok. That would make slightly more sense.
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Scans-Daily definitely needs a +1 or like button. I loved the way you put things, shadowpsykie! Agreed wholehearted!
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I see where you're coming from, I really do...

But really, this is still Voodoo Shark territory. "I manipulated Wanda into destroying the Avengers while I was frying in Hell for MY ridiculous botchery of mischaracterization! BWAH-haha!'

Snidely Whiplash got better plotting than that.
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Exactly how does Decimation give Doom more power?

Among the depowered were Magneto, Quicksilver, Professor X, Rictor. All these are among the limited number of people who can challenge and endanger Doom. Doom may also have hoped to depower all mutants; Namor, Emma, Cyclops, Iceman - all powerful enough to be a danger to him.

I don't think it's at all out of character for Doom to try and destroy all challenges to his power, starting by tearing the Avengers apart (individually, they're not huge threats) and then trying to eliminate all mutants. Hell, in Children's Crusade, who went toe to toe with him? Magneto. And then he moves on to attacking Asgardians. You can put together quite a coherent narrative of Doom systematically attacking other powerbases in the MU starting with Disassembled, I think. He invited the Atlanteans to Latveria too, didn't he?
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It's from Marvel Adventures: Armour Wars, Doom lends Tony an old suit of his armour for reasons you'll have to read the comics to find out. :)
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That's from MA Armour Wars too. But hey, I can stop with the half-naked Tony if you want.
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re: Magneto

The third issue did make it a point of noting that Doom and Magneto have had a hostile past; Pietro even accused Magneto of trying to trick the Young Avengers into attacking Latveria so as to take out his "rival" Doom.

I remembered that seeming a little WTF to me at the time. But maybe it was Heiberg's way of "reminding" the audience that Magneto is a major threat to Doom.

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Considering that Doom comes from Gypsies, I don't think that's very likely.