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DC released pages from the upcoming Batman: Earth One graphic novel which comes out this year, and aside from Alfred looking like a Ra's Al Ghul type guy, this actually looks pretty good. I may actually have to get this one! It's also good to know that DC is planning on using their multiverse for out of continuity stories (which at the moment, look like they might be better stories than most of the current New 52 line).

On that note, I tried reading Superman: Earth One (which has a sequel coming out this year as well I believe) a while back, but I just couldn't buy into the idea of Clark Kent being a dark and broody character. Sorry DC but the whole 'being Bruce Wayne' thing only works best on Bruce Wayne. In my opinion, Clark Kent is a better character when he is the polar opposite of Bruce in that--despite being an alien--he's actually much more in touch with humanity, is more optimistic, and identifies 'Clark Kent' as his real self rather than Superman. We'll see what they do with the sequel, then maybe I'll give it another shot.

Anyways, enough babble on my end, on with the preview pages!

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Gotta say, Bruce is looking pretty good in these pages. Not sure about muscular tattoo-sporting, pipe-smoking Alfred though.

For more info:

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"DC won't get my money until Cass is somewhere" resolution,
well apparently there are plans for her so you have have to catch up on the backups of these books (there are quite a few good ones out;)

Hey now, Jason really didn't rebel aggressively at all during his time as Robin until Death in the Family. And I generaly see a huge difference between Jason's wanting to punish criminals for hurting innocents and Damian's disregard for the lives of his enemies.

yeah i know, still it's not how he is written sometimes (except for now, i kinda like how... ummm well afraid to sayhis name because of the reactions that can get sometimes, His CURRENT writer seems to have a good understanding of him)

:D yeah. I do. ♥ I like that he's terribad at interpersonal relationships.

heh yeah, no problem with TerriBad, but don't like "incapable" bats.

Well, Damian is a ten-year-old child and Jason is an adult. But I liked the Dick-and-Damian relationship a lot.

Oh don't get me wrong i did too, but i also love Jason... maybe its a thing for good/Bad boys *what is it about them....* :DD


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