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I... haven't been following. Dare I ask what's going on?
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Yeah, this is a really dense issue that depends upon the reader having been following Uncanny X-Force up until now, and as such a few pages aren't going to really make much sense.

Short version: back in the AoA, their version of Wolverine has become the new host body for Apocalypse. He's besieging the final holdout of humanity with a bunch of superhuman shock troops, there are almost no X-Men left alive, and Magneto and Rogue go down fighting to try to buy time for one last Hail Mary pass.

It's a trailer for the Age of Apocalypse ongoing.
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..wait, there's going to be an ongoing? I thought the Age of Apocalypse had finally gotten a semblance of peace sometime as seen in Exiles? Ah well.

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2012-01-08 08:17 am (UTC)(link)
The last twelve issues or so of Uncanny X-Force has taken place in the AOA world for the Dark Angel Saga, and there's a book written by David Lapham coming out based on what happens next.
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Hang on, so this is a Point One, but isn't even vaguely intended as a jumping on point? *boggle* That's even weirder than having what would otherwise be sensible standalone jumping-on points positioned during story arcs (as Thor/JiM did twice last year).
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Oh, it's a jumping-on point. It's just not for this book.

I agree that it's deeply weird.

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Is there a reason that Magneto's powers don't work directly on him, given all the metal scaffolding?

Or that Rogue is unable to drain his powers, considering she was able to do as much to Thor in her first appearance?
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AoA Magneto is considerably less powerful due to injuries he's suffered in the past, IIRC, and to be absolutely fair, he does try to crush Logan's skeleton in on itself right before Logan kills him. Even the full-power Magneto from 616 had to really go out of his way to affect adamantium.

Rogue's power drain has a tendency to hilariously backlash when she uses it on certain people, and not everyone immediately gets stunned or goes unconscious. The last time she tried draining Juggernaut's powers, for example, he kept pounding on her the entire time and was never knocked out. There's precedent for somebody on Apocalypse's level being able to resist it, even if he didn't come prepared with some manner of Celestial gadget.
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*blink* I haven't a clue what's going on but if Rogue just absorbed some of Wolvie's powers she'd just regenerate from a claw strike.
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I'm guessing she didn't get down to Wolverine's power because Apocalypse's was in the way/overlaying it. Like she was trying to reach the ground, but she's on an ocean so there's too much sea water that she had to get her hand through first.
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Probably, though one would think Apocalypse would similarly have can't be clawed powers to absorb. But it be what it be.
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It's Apocalypse occupying Wolverine's body, the claws would come as pre-installed standard, whether he's overlaying it with Apocalypse power or not.

[personal profile] mister_cairo 2012-01-08 11:16 am (UTC)(link)
That jumped out at me, but then I wondered if Wolverine still had his healing powers why would he be missing a hand?
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I'm not sure that that was ever explained in any AoA stories. He still has the metal claws, but not the hand, rather the claws extend from the metal cap on the arm.

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his healing powers at the point the AOA was created weren't able to recreate bodyparts or anything. So his when hand got blown off by Cyclops it couldn't regrow
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I haven't been reading this so I have no idea what's going on but I've seen the fanart your icon is from and it STILL gives me nightmares D:

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Dare I ask what it is? :O

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I lost it when Tony tells Spidey and Logan to stick their dicks in Cap's cunt.
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lmao I lost it when apparently that statement was so shocking that poor Peter shot "webbing" in Tony's face. IT'S WEBBING, NOT ANYTHING ELSE. WEBBING.

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2012-01-08 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
What can I say? Spidey got ahead of himself and lost control. Happens to the best of us.
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"Happens to the best of us" is right up there with, "We can try again later in a while."
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Didn't Jubilee pretty much disappear after the original main series (despite still being alive) in AoA? I wonder if she'll be in this, or if she's been killed off-page. Besides her the only AoA character left that I care/wonder about is Rhane.
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Didn't AoA Wanda die in, like, the first issue?

Is that AoA Jean? Weren't she and Wanda BFF?
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It was a clone.
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Why can't Magneto just do X-Men #25 AoA-style? I know he's not as powerful as regular Magneto, but then he did beat Apocalypse before. I don't see a metal body giving Poccy any advantages.
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He was concentrating really hard though on Apocalypse for a pretty long while who was beating him up to accomplish that. I think it's due to the fact that AoA at this point is old and like you said he's lost half his powers already. But also take into consideration that he just lost the love of his life and he expects to die from this fight.
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The art style is interesting, it looks more like a European comic than an American one. Like it was drawn by Milo Manara or something.
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Somewhere, Mike Carey is stomping his feet in a big hissy fit of a tantrum.
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... classy.
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Also, HOUSE OF M all over again!
Ha! :XD