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*blink* I haven't a clue what's going on but if Rogue just absorbed some of Wolvie's powers she'd just regenerate from a claw strike.
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I'm guessing she didn't get down to Wolverine's power because Apocalypse's was in the way/overlaying it. Like she was trying to reach the ground, but she's on an ocean so there's too much sea water that she had to get her hand through first.
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Probably, though one would think Apocalypse would similarly have can't be clawed powers to absorb. But it be what it be.
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It's Apocalypse occupying Wolverine's body, the claws would come as pre-installed standard, whether he's overlaying it with Apocalypse power or not.

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That jumped out at me, but then I wondered if Wolverine still had his healing powers why would he be missing a hand?
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I'm not sure that that was ever explained in any AoA stories. He still has the metal claws, but not the hand, rather the claws extend from the metal cap on the arm.

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his healing powers at the point the AOA was created weren't able to recreate bodyparts or anything. So his when hand got blown off by Cyclops it couldn't regrow