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Now what videos might THOSE be that you're thinking of Kitty?

A preview from Newsarama for Wolverine and the X-Men #4

Not liking the teenage look of Bobby, he's in his thirties or so isn't he (Is that Husk in the bandages, and have they explained why she's wearing them if it is?). And that's a very Whedon-like line for Kitty.

Knowing how much I like Kurt though, the thought of an army of horny mini-Kurts is strangely not that disturbing... ;)

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I feel like the logical choice of reference for any X-man in that situation would be Mastermind or one of his daughters so I'd say there's a chance you're right.
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It seems that if a female character throws up and they're not drunk or hungover they're most likely pregnant.
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~Obligatory "That's not how Brood procreate"-comment.~

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