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Now what videos might THOSE be that you're thinking of Kitty?

A preview from Newsarama for Wolverine and the X-Men #4

Not liking the teenage look of Bobby, he's in his thirties or so isn't he (Is that Husk in the bandages, and have they explained why she's wearing them if it is?). And that's a very Whedon-like line for Kitty.

Knowing how much I like Kurt though, the thought of an army of horny mini-Kurts is strangely not that disturbing... ;)

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I see the "hey, let's make Julian a complete douchebag and to hell if it's actually in a way that's in-character" meme is still running strong at the Marvel offices.

Other than that, it's nice to see that the severe lack of forward planning wrt finances is consistent across X-Teams. At least they have an accountant to (hopefully!) help with that.
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A teenage boy, any teenage boy, who loses both his hands and doesn't become a douchebag while dealing with hissubsequent anger issues would be completely unbelievable.

That's as unbelievable as a woman having her memory of her dead children completely erased, finding out about it by accident years later, and not blowing a gasket over the people involved.
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Note my complaints about him being an out-of-character douchebag. Julian has always been in the role of team pill, at least as far as the older mutants are concerned. He's a headstrong kid convinced that he knows better than any of the senior X-Men, will absolutely act contrary to their orders, and is inclined to keep any respect he has for his teachers well hidden from them. He's also, however, had very high standards for himself, been willing to fight and die for his friends without question, and has generally been driven to be the be at the top of any heap he finds himself on.

What we've had lately, however, is a series of writers using the kid as punching bag, especially since he lost his hands: Fraction treating the loss with nearly total irreverence, Mike Carey turning him into a killer and hinting that he's destined to become a monster, Marjorie Liu treating him as a creepy stalker (while white knighting fuck-mothering Gambit of all people, which is just sourly hilarious), Jason Aaron writing him as a bully and a generic brat, and pretty much everyone IC telling him to suck it up and stop sulking over a little thing like becoming a double amputee. And I imagine it's only going to get worse now that Quire's back as the powerful, snotty kid who thinks he's destined to lead the X-Men. It's gone past the point where I'm willing to excuse it as writers (badly) trying to show him in a period of personality adjustment to where it's starting to stink a bit of ableism.
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I agree he badly needs therapy*, but Carey did write him as starting to come out of his funk in the latest X-Men Legacy where he pulls off a remarkable feat to save Ariel.

*Whether he's ready to admit he needs therapy is another matter.