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I spoke to Tim Young at the Deconstructing Comics podcast again. Last time was about Theatre and Comics. This time, somewhat more mainstream talk--We discuss comics "Events," what's annoying about them, when they have a justification(and not) and mainly talk about FEAR ITSELF and FLASHPOINT. I say very critical things of Matt Fraction, who I emphasize I normally like(partly because he lives in this city I think, and may send drones after me), but also say very complimentary things about JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY by Kieron Gillen, which I believe is pretty much the best series Marvel has at this time. FEAR ITSELF is justified if only because it created an excuse for that book to exist.

Anyway, have a listen. Here's the talk. Also: my voice is rather muffled, so be prepared.

For legality's sake: one of my favorite pages from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY:

Art by Doug Braithwaite from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #626

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