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Gail Simone on what's to come

An very insightful interview with Gail Simone on Newsarama concerning batgirl.

you can see it here,

Simone: Well, there's an unexpected date, some new neighbors of interest, including one who wants to be Batgirl, new villains, the return of an old one, the answers to the Oracle question, the back-story about her return to mobility, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Arkham, mom, a really unfortunate date, a BOP friend, pirates, a JLA guest star, the worst family reunion ever, muffins, the secret of her martial arts training, the answer to what really happened immediately after she was shot in the Killing Joke. And we're just getting warmed up.

Misfit anyone? my money is on Misfit :D
Also "The Answer to the Oracle Question" and a BoP Friend... and Worst Family Reunion ever. (James Jr?:)

Personal Thought: I know Snyder had James as Dick's archnemisis (his opposite, or Dark Mirror if you will :) but for some reason, i think he would make a better nemisis for Barbara... the good child and the dark child. Snyder showed him to be psychotic, but Brilliant! his whole scheme was imensely demented but shear genious. it would be interesting to have him be a villain for her... its probably not gonna happen but still.. :D

anyways some OH SO PRETTY Batgirl #6 cover art...

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No idea, I wasn't considering them as part of the canon!