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Invincible #87

Mark has to deal with the ramifications of freeing Dinosaurus and making himself a wanted man from Cecil and his Guardians of the Globe

Allen and Mark trade a few punches. Afterwards Mark finds himself with a unlikely ally.

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"And the rest of the band!"
And then Queen defeats them with the power of Rock and everything is awesome forever.
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I too was oddly surprised that the King of the Viltrumites was Freddie Mercury.

But then it made complete sense.

(I'm amazed Mark never said: "How can you be sure your enemy doesn't change like my father changed? Am I destined to conquer the universe, Allen? How can you pass judgment on unborn hybrid children?" Y'know, and THEN started the smackdown as Allen pondered over this)

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I think part of that is down to page count, and part of it down to Kirkman not wanting to repeat a conversation he'd written in the previous issue and get "to the good stuff."

Plus, it may genuinely not have occurred to him. Nolan didn't see himself as special, as any different from the other viltrumites, but Mark almost certainly does as he's his father.
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With facial hair like that, you know shit's about to get real.
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You stole the literal words from my mouth.

(Using this icon to mirror yours, because it eternally amuses me)
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Did you cut out the Cory Walker stuff?
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Tom Selleck is looking at the Emperor and saying, "Dayum. That's a moustache!"
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Oh noes... the person whom Mark hates the most is now in his common ally to save his home. How not over use in cartoons or comics...
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Am I really the only one who is shocked, how calmly they are talking about a freaking genocide of human race?