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Even Reggie Mantle has standards

In my last post, we visited a potential future in which Kevin Keller can marry the man he loves and no one thought that was the least bit out of the ordinary.

But in the regular Archie comics, Mr. Keller must live in the eternal present. It's not quite as advanced a society....

Cover and four scans from Veronica Presents: Kevin Keller #4.

Previously, on Kevin Keller, our protagonist did well on Witmasters, a College Bowl-like TV show where he represented Riverdale. He's looking forward to a little less excitement.

Veronica has already entered Kevin in the race for class president. Reggie is already running himself, mainly to stroke his own ego. He's seen making extravagant promises he won't be able to keep.

The other front-runner is David Perkins, star quarterback and all-round popular fellow. Kevin doesn't see the point of having more than two strong contenders.

Betty, who is ineligible for class president as she's already held the job, explains that neither of the two other boys is really suitable for elective office. (Apparently she knows David better than we do.)

At home, Kevin's family and his buddy Jerry concur that he'd make a good class president.

I wonder who the disgruntled looking guy nominating Midge is?

Reggie is naturally displeased that he's out of the race thanks to golden boy Kevin, and initially David plays the statesman.

Even Reggie has standards. Lie, cheat, practical jokes, okay. Gay-bashing heck no.

The debate starts, and Kevin talks about equality and equity, while David pumps for a strong-man paternalistic leadership style. Soon, it's question time and the questions to Kevin take on a certain tone--"Do you have a girlfriend?" "What's your stance on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell?" "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?" "Do you have any dark secrets we should know about?"

David pretends gentlemanliness at the end of the debate, but inside he's seething.

Kevin's parents deal with homophobic remarks in the supermarket by other parents, and Archie does the same in the school hallway. (This being Archie Comics, they can't use some of the more offensive language, but most readers will get the point.)

Kevin spots one of David's "Hire a REAL MAN" posters, and asks David to express what's on his mind. As it turns out, David isn't just a cynical politician trying to use homophobia as an election tactic. He actually is confused and offended by gay people and their "agenda."

The final debate is open to the public (parents) and again David's shills try to hijack the audience question period. Colonel Keller speaks to his son's character.

While waiting for the election results at the Choklit Shoppe Kevin indulges in a brief fantasy about becoming U.S. President. He tries to hold a press conference about the budget conflict in Congress, but the reporters want to ask what it's like to be the first (openly) gay president, and the First Dog, and other matters. Oh, and there's still a war with American soldiers in the Middle East. :-( He meets briefly with the gang from Riverdale and affirms that their friendship means the world to him.

Back in "reality", Kevin wins the election, and David immediately demands a recount. For his first act as class president, Kevin Keller gets an ongoing series!

Your thoughts and comments?

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I'm irresponsibly biased about Archie Comics. I'm gonna go purchase this on Comixology right away/immediately.