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Batman - Death Wish (Fanfilm)

The first part of what should be an ongoing fanfilm, featuring some rather nice takes on the Bat-Family.

Okay, now that is one sleek and sexy Nightwing, a cute little Robin, and a suitably gruff Batman, also a fun Selina, and a Cass whose mask actually works for me, still creepy, but less freaky looking than the sewn-up mouth thing which I always hated (and though I am far from an expert in such things, a rather attractive actress too)

And for legality, a cover which when I saw it even as a younger icon was thinking... "Wait? It dissolves the person but leaves the costume intact, wouldn't the other way round be much more fun?"

Oh and a quick something else...

And the first glimpse of the Star Sapphires from the Green Lantern animated series