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Batman - Death Wish (Fanfilm)

The first part of what should be an ongoing fanfilm, featuring some rather nice takes on the Bat-Family.

Okay, now that is one sleek and sexy Nightwing, a cute little Robin, and a suitably gruff Batman, also a fun Selina, and a Cass whose mask actually works for me, still creepy, but less freaky looking than the sewn-up mouth thing which I always hated (and though I am far from an expert in such things, a rather attractive actress too)

And for legality, a cover which when I saw it even as a younger icon was thinking... "Wait? It dissolves the person but leaves the costume intact, wouldn't the other way round be much more fun?"

Oh and a quick something else...

And the first glimpse of the Star Sapphires from the Green Lantern animated series

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death wish n. Psychiatry . A desire for self-destruction, often accompanied by feelings of depression, hopelessness, and self-reproach.

Hmm. Sounds more like Bruce than Cass. Although, what issues of BATGIRL delve into Cassandra's death wish? Does it stem from the first time David Cain made her kill someone, or something else?
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There are several issues that do that. Gotham Knight #2 and whichever issues of Batgirl with the fight against Shiva, and the other fight against Shiva, and the training in between.
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The text supports the idea that up until her second fight with Shiva, Cass has a death wish - made explicit in #23, The Talk between Barbara and Bruce on the subject, and then repeated during the second Shiva/Cass fight. (and previously touched upon in Gothal Knights #2, like [personal profile] salinea said.)

In the text, Barbara makes the connection between Cass being a killer and her devotion to the Mission (and I think Shiva does too). Cass does want to Save Everyone, which I think ties into the self-reproach part of the definition, as well.