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Also, he answers everyone's question as to whether Cass and Steph are in it.

The interview is interesting, and can be found here,

The bit I was wondering about though,
"Dick's definitely played a role in this storyline already, and Damian and Tim appeared in a brief cameo. Will we see more of the Robins, old and new, in the "Court of the Owls" story?

Dick plays a very big part in it. You're going to see Tim play a part in it. You're going to see Damian play a part in it. You're going to see Jason play a part in it. All of the Robins, other than Steph, are in it, and that's just because DC has future plans for some characters in the Bat Universe, like Stephanie and Cass, so they want to keep them off the table for these stories right now. But there's some exciting plans for them too."

Does make we wonder if Cass is going to be in Ravagers now, but if the solicits are tonight, I guess we'll see then, possibly.

*Sigh* I thought that that might be the case. Oh well, the rest of the story looks good despite this. The bad guy's secret organisation certainly seems better organised than the Black Glove was, which in turn makes them more interesting.

For legality, suprised Cass.

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I miss that Red Robin + Black Bat :/
(they only needed Purple Batgirl and Blue Nightwing along and we would got our "Rainbow Gotham Knights" XD)


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