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A Page from the Wonder Woman 5 Preview

In which Diana indulges in a custom of her adoptive people...
...Namely, eating a full English breakfast, huzzah!

And it totally is a full English, they have sausages and stuff in the following pages!

Aw, I want a Diana/Knight and Squite crossover. And, as I was pointing out a few days ago, this is another example of DC spreading its characters around a bit more than Marvel's, which are based mostly within New York State, if not NYC itself.
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Well I appreciate that, but since it's English-language these are the comics I read too, so it just sucks to be 'othered' or had the piss taken out of me. Or to repeatedly have the amazing realisation that America thinks anyway says 'top hole' anymore.

Geordie is a beautifully ridiculous accent, that would be kind of hilarious on a supervillian. XD
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Don't get me wrong, there are worse things (like you say), I meant more that it's annoying rather than offensive.

And yeah, you get a lot of American Anglophiles. :P Still, it would be nice for them to get the accent right and get over the things they like to think we still say. :P

Funnily enough, having now read the whole preview, I don't think it's a bad example at all of how to do it right, if it's necessary to do it at all. :)