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A Page from the Wonder Woman 5 Preview

In which Diana indulges in a custom of her adoptive people...
...Namely, eating a full English breakfast, huzzah!

And it totally is a full English, they have sausages and stuff in the following pages!

Aw, I want a Diana/Knight and Squite crossover. And, as I was pointing out a few days ago, this is another example of DC spreading its characters around a bit more than Marvel's, which are based mostly within New York State, if not NYC itself.
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Don't get me wrong, there are worse things (like you say), I meant more that it's annoying rather than offensive.

And yeah, you get a lot of American Anglophiles. :P Still, it would be nice for them to get the accent right and get over the things they like to think we still say. :P

Funnily enough, having now read the whole preview, I don't think it's a bad example at all of how to do it right, if it's necessary to do it at all. :)