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Why Killing Off Jack Drake is a No-no from Robin #125

I’ve just got hooked on comics, particularly Batman comics, and I have every right to blame Linkara for it. :D

But Scans Daily definitely comes in second because it is the first site that came up when looking for scans of old Batman Comics, and true to its title, this place is the place to get a comic fix (though maybe “bringing the crack” means something else but that’s how I took it)


I’ve wanted to post something on here for a bit, but I’ve been having a hard time thinking of something to post that was good and hasn’t already been done. Originally I was going to post something from Gotham Adventures (of which I will in the distant/near future) but I’m ambivalent as to what pages to post. I’m ambivalent to most things I do :P

So what did I choose you may ask? Five scans from Robin #125 from the book Robin Unmasked.


Tim Drake’s father has just found out that Tim is really Robin! He confronts Bruce and Tim at Wayne Manor, which results in heated arguments abound. Jack is upset at what Bruce has done to his son and his desire for Tim to quit being the awesome Boy Wonder. While Tim and his father talk privately, we get this conversation between Nightwing, Batman and Alfred that put a smile on my face.

But…Batman NEEDS a Robin Damit! But then I suppose if my mom found out I was running around in tight spandex and fighting crime she would have a s**t fest too.

I find it interesting that Bruce has made up various identities in case he is ever exposed as Batman. I would like to know more about how that would work though. They should make a story based on the idea that Bruce is exposed as Batman. (unless they already have in which I apologize in advance).
I also like how Alfred points out the downfalls of killing off those who find out your secrets. Though you solve the problem now, bigger problems will surface in the future and you start to distrust the people around you. Alfred though seems pretty damn serious about putting poison in Bruce’s dinner.

My own personal peeve: I hate how this artist draws faces. In two of the panels, Batman looks like he’s ready to sneeze. Also, Sylvester Stallone comes to mind. It’s Tim Drake though that looks the worst, though these scans are bad examples of what I’m talking about. He looks like a completely different person.

I hope you all enjoyed my first post. :)

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I liked this run of Robin, I really did (even if that makes me a pariah here), but gawd, some of the art was so bad.

If this were live action, the acting would make Troma look subtle.