Date: 2012-01-17 09:37 pm (UTC)
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Vera is, yeah, both other than her arms it's more a case of show rather than tell.

For example, her arms and hands have seams, indicating that they were the first to be replaced due to her loosing them as a child in an accident in a cotton mill. The fact that she apparently lost her arms at a time when England had child labour implies that she's a whole lot older than her outward appearance implies, which raises the question as to whether she, like several characters in the Ghost in the Shell franchise, is a full body cyborg.

Other things that imply this? When they show her face in extreme close up, she's repeatedly shown to have square pupils, which, though it's probably not a direct reference, is the pictual shorthand that Futurama used to show whether someone was a machine, eg. the Lucy LiuBots.

Another? She's able to kick a full grown man off of a wooden chair in front of her, from a sitting position, so hard that the chair shatters from impact. Just a display of how cool she is? Maybe, but possibly another way of showing that it wasn't just her eyes, arms, and face that she had replaced...
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