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Robama wants YOU to buy American!

Yes. This is real.

For what it's worth, technically DC isn't responsible for this--the shop is.

I guess it should be pointed out (if it wasn't already obvious) that anyone trading in a manga volume for a single comicbook is getting ripped off.

More info here.

For legality...

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Huh. That's certainly...



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The very presence of Robama invigorates Hal's imagination, intrigues Aquaman, mildly perturbs Wonder Woman, and does nothing for Superman.
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Batman is back at the cave working out an antidote before he ventures our again...

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It's not the first time something like this has happened--one store used the Action Comics #3 cover to create an "Occupy Metropolis" advertisement, for example. I the only one that feels offended for Cyborg with this comparison?
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nah... especially not now that Static and Mr Terrific are losing their books and the DCnU is getting even less diverse... (sarcasm ends for those w/their sarcasticometers shorted out)

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What...the heck?


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My icons says it...
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My icon shares your sentiment.
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Great. Now I want to see a manga with DC/Marvel characters vs the Heroes of Manga XD
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Buy American books, like Grant Morrison's Action Comics! or Paul Cornell's Demon Knights. Or Mark Millar's Superior.
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Wow... just wow... what makes this seems shallow... if it taken real. The offer is just for DCNU material, or the fact that one person gets one free issue for a manga book that has about 7 to 10 issues of a series, that they're trying to milk the Obama train about 4 years late... or trying to use a transparent "Be Patriotic" angle that you've seen in TV and movies....
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Mmm.... I've seen worse adverts :)
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Better is not the same as good

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From my PoV those might have been some of the catchphrases they tried to go with this:

"AMERICA: Anything that's not us is not as good."
"AMERICA: Why should we write competent stories, everyone knows we deserve preferential treatment for our nationality"
"AMERICA: 20 pages for 3$ or 100 for 10$? If you don't choose the first then you're a COMMUNIST!"
"AMERICA: Hey we might get all of our female characters naked and raped, but at least there are no tentacles here!"

Ok, this was therapy enough to avoid facepalming I think...
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true that!
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This has been a long-standing truth of life for us.

I have about a hundred things I'd like to say about 'Americans' in that collective generalizing sort of way that I know is wrong but is sooooo satisfying to do.... but I don't wanna offend anyone.

Being Filipino usually comes with this spectacularly heavy derision and nationalistic righteous anger against Americans, who we love very much.

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What the heck?!??

Also....*sigh* poor European comics... it's like we barely exist outside our own continent... :/
(despite selling much better than comics do in the US nowadays, proportionally wise...)
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the European market - at least in some places - also seem much more healthy. I wouldn't be sorry for them.

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An £8 manga for a £2 comic? Hahaha jog on.
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They could have just as easily used Superman instead of Cyborg and avoided the race issue - Obama's mother is from Kansas too!
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But that's not Obama, that's Cyborg. THere's a difference between black people.
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whaaaaaat, you mean it's not cool to just use black people interchangeably? Weird.

Next you'll point out that english-language manga like they're talking about would be from American translator/importer companies so you're buying American either way.
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JesuOtaku had an interesting take on this:
Trade in all the crappy volumes you've boughten drunk, got as a gift, or what not so it'll cost them money.
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Yeah, I'm not a big manga person, but I've got one or two first volumes people have given me as gifts. I'd probably take advantage of that if it was in my area.

(My parents once accidently got me a yaoi book for christmas. They didn't know what it was...)

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Words cannot even do justice to my anger towards this silly gimmick by DC Comics (which may have been inspired by Marvel). They should focus more on doing good comics instead of trying to injure their distinguished competition.

Besides, was not Jim Lee a hardcore fan of Masamune Shirow? Dude does not have much loyalty to his inspirations once he sees the dollar symbols.
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Ohh, Mea Culpa for accidentally thinking that DC was 100 % responsible for that gimmick. I think I got caught by the passional fires of wrath. Still DC should do better than to allow these kinds of ads.

One thing worth mentioning is that there is no way we are trading a 180 pages manga volume for 20 pages of a story that WILL be retconned in a few years.
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Really? Really DC?

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My god, Didio needs to be fired. How can someone be so iresponcible to allow something like this?

I mean, come on! This is just insulting on so many levels. I know Didio can act like... ( I refuse to write that word, because of my respect for rules made by founders of this web) But this? In my opinion, this the end of the line. If you are really so desperate and incompetent, that you have to go down to this, you need to quit. Didio, you failed. You have failed as editor in chief.

And if this is supposed to be joke (which I know it atleast partly is, doesnt change my point), then there is one major problem: ITS NOT FUNNY!!!
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found this late last night and couldn't believe it was real

oh god you mean i didn't dream this shit up??
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I don't use this phrase often, but it seems appropriate now: LOL WUT

I love how it says "Limit one per American citizen". Does that mean that if you're not an American citizen, you don't get any? Or do you get more than one? Inquiring minds need to know!