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Robama wants YOU to buy American!

Yes. This is real.

For what it's worth, technically DC isn't responsible for this--the shop is.

I guess it should be pointed out (if it wasn't already obvious) that anyone trading in a manga volume for a single comicbook is getting ripped off.

More info here.

For legality...

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the European market - at least in some places - also seem much more healthy. I wouldn't be sorry for them.
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Yes, yes it is. I can't stress how much I love that every general entertainment store I go to(such as FNAC and such) contains almost as much room for comics as for written international fiction&fantasy; which is still quite a bit smaller than the whole books section but upon hearing descriptions from the USA stores, seeing those spaces which more often than not have a large diversity of age groups browsing is a true pleasure and a great hope for the medium.
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Pff, my favorite European series got cancelled or delayed just as badly as the American ones. I always had the feeling comics only really manage to flourish in France.
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I live in Switzerland, and it's going perfectly fine there as well! (as I can say for Germany, Denmark and some other places as well from fact)
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Definitely in France, in Paris they have almost an entire district south of Notre Dame almost entirely made up of French language comic shops, manga stores, and even two branches of the same store opposite each other catering to both English language and French language American comics.
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It's called St Michel and it's also where I get my tabletop rpg shopping :p And SFF books in English. I do love the place :)
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Ah, that's what it was called. ^^ I went to Paris with my girlfriend last year, and we had a look around. Was cool.
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[personal profile] salinea 2012-01-18 01:45 pm (UTC)(link)
aaaw, sorry about that. Yeah, I mostly know the French side of it, so :/