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Now, this site has already barely survived WITHOUT SOPA. but imagine what would happen WITH it. It would be gone that day.

If you somehow don't know what SOPA is, click here.

As a quick intro, what the Daily Oatmeal has to say on it:

And here is what it could do to comics.

Also, little indie cartoonist guys like me would never have had their work seen if not for the free and open internet. I make my own content, but I would be crippled if SOPA passes because much of the infrastructure I depend on would be gone, and the corporate guys would own the playing field. And the web would end up something you have to pay for, every time you use it, on your phone. At best.

Lots are protesting or blacking out their sites. That's great. But you also need to write your senators and representatives. And do so in a firm, but CIVIL way. You're looking to persuade, not give yourself catharsis.

So click here to be guided to where you can find and contact said members of congress. You can't go on Wikipedia today, so you've got the time.

For legality: CENSORTIVITY, 1988, Steve Bissette, from TABOO.(c)1988 Steve Bissette. All rights reserved.

Date: 2012-01-18 08:52 am (UTC)
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I already contact my members of congress in my city and hope this bill fails.


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