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Many fic writers also write original stories. Some don't. Why? Because they don't want to.

As someone else mentioned, filing the serial numbers off what was once fanfic has a good number of undesirable results. One is that the characters and possibly the world are less developed because with fic you have no obligation to create those things (unless it's AU) because the canon has done it for you. The other issue is that people in fandom will get angry at you, because a major component of fandom is that you don't profit off fanwork. People in fandom WILL notice if your scifi gay romance novel is secretly characters from Stargate Atlantis, and they will not be happy. Just look at Cassandra Clare - after years as a fanfic writer, she became a published writer, and even if you overlook the information on her plagerism you see people mad at her because her original characters are "too similar" to Harry Potter characters, and because she reused a few scenes from her fic in her novels, even though those things are not actually Harry Potter, but her own ideas.

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