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Jaime uses all of his will to force the scarab to provide medical treatment for Paco to save his life. The scarab refuses but Jaime over powers it, which shocks the scarab that Jaime was able to do so. Moments later an ambulance comes by to take Paco to the hospital.

Brenda and her aunt stop by the hospital and Brenda starts crying into Jamie's arms, thinking she is responsible because she turned Paco down for a date. La Dama, meanwhile, wants to talk with Jaime. In private. At her house.

La Dama is devilish as she traps Jaime in a magic circle at her house, already deducing that he has her prize, the blue beetle idol. The scarab defends itself by throwing La Dama's henchman at her, disrupting the magic and blowing Jaime out of the house, followed by the house disappearing.

A hospitalized patient Paco has been turned into a scarab warrior.

Date: 2012-01-21 06:49 pm (UTC)
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Paco the Zabrak

I.... I can't not see it now.


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