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Death’s Head versus The Hulk versus… ?

I’ve posted some of Simon Williams work here before. Simon used to produce strips for Panini UK, until Disney pulled their license to produce new Marvel material for the European market. One of his pet projects, which later led to him drawing an official team up between Hulk and Death’s Head in the pages of Panini’s Marvel Heroes title was an unofficial crossover between the characters posted to his Deviantart. Well, recently, Simon posted the missing two pages from the crossover on his blog, adding an unexpected guest star and sending the story into the realms of the halcyon days of Marvel UK at its most cracktastic.


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Shouldn't that be "Char: The Doctor"? Doctor Who being the name of the series.

But anyways, thanks for the blast from the past. Marvel UK is dearly missed.
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And then wacky adventures ensued with Deaths Head and the Incredible Hulk as the Doctors companions for that season.

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OMG! I squee-gasmed at your very mention of this! You'd need Sarah Jane to help keep Hulk under control, but Doctor/Hulk/Death's Head would be an AWESOME book! Morbius, Weng-Chiang, and all the other scary monsters would be 20-minute-and-done episodes with those two bruisers along for the ride. And I'd love to know if a Dalek death-ray could kill the Hulk.
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Marvel UK is such a nice place to be.
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I especially appreciated the dedication. Mantlo in particular is and always will be a favorite of mine. A fertile imagination coupled with respect for Marvel's lore and history. His fate was heartbreaking.
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If I may got a step further....

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Its a very telling thing that Bill became a hero in the best way he possibly could becoming a public defender, perhaps he was doing what doing what he could to serve truth and justice.
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Bill Mantlo

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For anyone wanting to, a story about his current status may be found here: