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You've Just Been Bat-slapped!

I love Robin, all Robins really, especially the Jesse McCartney cackler Robin :D (personally, I think it's the costume design. Black and red with a touch of yellow suits the Boy Wonder quite nicely.)


Robin is one of my top favorite characters in the DC universe. So because I love Robin so much (as it seems does the rest of the community) I figured I'd post...well...a Robin moment!

From Teen Titans: Year One (2008) #1

Update: I figured I'd put an explanation within the post since there has been much confusion within the comments and to help out future readers. Basically it starts off with Robin trying to contact other teen superheroes via internet to gather info about a master cat burglar in the area. Batman believes that Robin is wasting his time trying to contact others when they could be on patrol, so they head out. We are also introduced to Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad within the issue as well. During patrol, Batman chases down a delivery man, who he believes is the master cat burglar. When it turns out it isn't, he throws the guy against some crates and walks off. The scans below are the next scene, where Robin expresses his worries to Kid Flash about Batman's behavior and Robin’s next encounter with Batman. In future issues it is revealed that Batman was being manipulated by The Antithesis, a giant bug/alien creature that was playing off Batman's fears. Batman believes that The Antithesis was brought over during the Justice Leagues last interdimensional adventure. The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Arrow were also being manipulated by the creature. Hope this helps. :)

If time permits I'll continue to post other Robin moments from Teen Titans: Year One, then probably head into some Gotham Adventures. Until next week...Enjoy. :)

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It looks positively animated, which is why I like it :)