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Theme weeks

We love 'em, but we've neglected them recently. And that's a crying shame!

On the last requests post we had a decent thread going re: suggestions of which themes people would like to see being featured and even prior to that the mod comm's been talking about bringing these back. See any you like?

One Perfect Moment week
Angst week
Retcon week
Ape week
Robot week
Body-swap week
Time travel week
Dude in distress week
This is Why week
where posters explain exactly what it is about a certain character, title, artist that they like, dislike etc.
My First... theme would be a good way for posters to reminisce about their first comics reading experience. or the first issue of their favourite title, and could bring some new faces and books into the mix
Porn Week (a perennial, to the point that I'd suggest we concentrate on previously un-featured creators)

We've had some of these before (as well as others not listed; check through the tags), but some are brand new. Is there anything else you'd like to see as a week-long all-comers postfest?

Lurkers? Speak up! New members? Post!

Think about what you love, or what you've been meaning to share. Would that fit with any of these themes? Does it suggest a new theme to you?

In comments: VOTE. TALK. SUGGEST.

Let's hear it, Dailians.

Date: 2012-01-27 02:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] majingojira
Of the original post:

One Perfect Moment week: I loved this last time around, so I'd love to contribute this time.
Ape week: Because it'll be silly.
This is Why: The main cause of this community, IMO, is sharing awesome comics, so a highlight of this is almost required.
My First . . . : I wish I could FIND the first comic I read. I remember it distinctly. It was in the early 90s (I think it was after the death of Superman) and had a distinct coloring style. It had Batman training a woman (I don't know who, I think she was a red head) and infiltrating an underground fighting league and breaking it up. Shit, if I could remember what it was . . .
Porn Week: Which is always hilarious.

Of the other suggestions: Real World People, Mirror Mirror and Highlighted Geography all sound good too.

Date: 2012-01-27 03:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shadowpsykie
my First time was special... i remember it was a dark and musty room... the lights were dim... no really it was an old comic shop with TONS of books every where...

well technically, i THINK i got my first comic "Pack" from K-Mart (it was like a pack of sic comics... one was issue one of the Superboy tv show comic, one was a Action Comics issue with plasticman in it, and one was an issue of Batman Detective comics which showed the first meeting between Dick and Jason, and dick tells the story of how he was kicked from the job and how he found out about Jason.

but really, the first time i fell in love with comics was in the musty old comic shop, where i first read Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.... no book struck me like that one did.... i still cry when i read it, and i am not ashamed to admit it!


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