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Some New Mutants fun, and a couple of cute commissions to start the weekend

Three pages from New Mutants #36

Fight scenes SHOULD be more fun with superpowers...

Thanks to Doug, the team have discovered that a hapless touring heavy metal band have become a source of chaos energy. A piece of sentient alien technology (a VERY alien piece of tech, to the point that even Doug has trouble communicating with it) which got stranded on Earth basically hooked on them and is using them to generate enough energy to send a distress signal to it's home-dimension, but in doing so is causing random disasters.

The band aren't even aware of how their brains have been rewired by the alien, but they fight, using the energy they're generating, and co-ordinate a flash-mob to get in the way of the New Mutants trying to stop the team.

Dani, Blink, Warlock and Nate lead the assault to get to the band (It's a good thing Warlock knows his selfsoulfriend is safe by this point, or I doubt he'd be so light-hearted.)

Oh 'Lock, never change! :)

Now some creative use of teleportation powers...

(Don't worry, it's a non-lethal tipped arrow)

It's a shame that the band have no individual identities, they're just "Nameless heavy metal band shooting energy or hitting things"...

The band are eventually overcome, the alien is ejected into space where it's influence is severed and everything is restored to normal.

In an earlier part of this story, Dani noted that having Blink on the team would be VERY handy, given her teleportation powers (and the fact that Magik isn't part of their team at present), so when she notes that they should get the now exhausted Clarice home, and Doug asks where that would be, one wonders what her first reaction would be.

So now we see why Scott put Dani in charge of the "Clean-up Crew" when she phones him to update him on the situation vis-a-vis Blink

Again, I like this, she will carry out Scott's missions, but won't force them to accept Scott's POV if they don't agree with it, or it doesn't seem like the best choice for them. Also her concern that she might have disappointed him is addressed, we've seen that Dani has certain self-image issues, especially now that she's no longer a mutant, and that Scott was the first person she felt showed trust in her after M-Day, so her being concerned about his opinion of her seems natural, and his reassurance is a nice touch.

Though these scans don't show it, I'm still not a fan of David Lopez's face, which often look gaunt, or bug-eyed or just distractingly weird, but otherwise I do like the art on this title, as well as the story, though I think a more developed bad guy team would be useful, two fairly nameless teams (like the Sugar Man's gang, and now Diskhord as a group). I believe that after the upcoming "Date with Mephisto" issue, we're going to be returning to the Ani-Mator's base where Bird-Brain (shudder) came from, and where Doug died, so that could be interesting.
And now...

A few weeks back, I posted some scans of images by an artist I'd just discovered named Sara Richard

So it should come as no surprise that I wanted to add her work to my collection, and that my "Night'n'Night" theme might be just the sort of thing she'd enjoy. I also wanted to add her work before she got too famous for me to be able to afford! :)

I couldn't be happier with the outcome a two sketchcard "puzzle" piece, and I wish the scan should show the subtle use of swirling metallic inks for Nighcrawlers teleportation effect.

But that's not all, I also thought she'd enjoy a Doug and Warlock piece, and she certainly did! I nearly always give the artist free reign as to what pop-culture reference they have Warlock use, and I'm always delighted by the surprise, but this one is special!

I hadn't mentioned to Sara that Soundwave was always my favourite Transformer, so this was AWESOME. I love Warlock's pleased expression, and Doug's less pleased "How do you expect me to fit in THERE?" look (And one hopes that if he DOES get folded up to fit in there, no one presses fast-forward!

Sara was terrific to deal with and I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting something that little bit different in style!

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what's even better than his pride in her is his genuine smile. i like the idea that he doesn't HATE wolverine, or the school. or vice versa. they disagree, but they accept each other.
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Man, New Mutants is probably my favorite X-book right now. They've got a great group dynamic and the whole "tying up loose ends" angle is great. Even with the less than stellar villains, it's still super fun.
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That is a great Scott/Dani moment. Makes both characters look awesome. I am also constantly impressed with how maturely schism is being handled and I hope it carries over into AvX.

Also is this book same day digital? I would love to pick this series up but there are no comic shops around.
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Ah Blink. I know she's not the same one from Exiles but it's always fun to see her.
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I beg to differ

[personal profile] jkcarrier 2012-01-27 09:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Tsk tsk, Warlock. Everyone knows that Rock 'n Roll AIN'T noise pollution!
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Soundwave was always awesome. I never could hate the Dececticons because of him.
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Exactly. And then there's Soundwave/Megatron. Don't try to tell me those two don't get up to something kinky while the others are off base. After all, Soundwave is the only one allowed to touch Megaton's giant gun....
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Dani makes a great leader :)
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What I wanna know is when the Hellpuppy given to the team by Kid Loki will show up.
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Yep! :D
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Ok, now that is funny.

[personal profile] spacebetween 2012-01-28 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Now that is the Cyclops I love and remember, not how he currently been portrayed as.