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Context: Circe has decided to go mythological with her antics, and, after teaming up with several of Wonder Woman's other villains including the Silver Swan and the Argentinian version of Cheetah, she launches a plot to turn the male heroes of the world into animals, amongst other general spiteful hijinx.

With the whole world's supervillainess' running amuck, she decides that she needs to get help. So, she contacts Oracle to put out a message which is a more polite version of this,

What follows is both one of the best moments in Diana's series, and also somewhat depressing considering how many of those faces are no longer with us,

Steph also appears later, having being partnered up with Kyle Rayner, Jade and Batman, but unlike Cass' other appearance (one panel of her kicking Jinx in the face) she's basically just grinning like she's happy to be involved.

Also, there's a possible explanation for why Cass didn't show up in many other characters' series: she's shy.

Re: Im gonna get sooo much crap for this.....

Date: 2012-01-28 10:25 am (UTC)
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BTW, the showdown with Circe in the end, perfectly shows, why I think WW killing Maxwell Lord is her own OMD.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark? (Icon_UK shows his age)

Re: Im gonna get sooo much crap for this.....

Date: 2012-01-28 01:26 pm (UTC)
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Thanks a lot. If You Leave just started playing in my head, and it won't go away.


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