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Okay, the context for this is that after the team's first official mission the team has hit a speedbump that has thrown the entire operation out of whack for the rest of the series. Their task was to go into an expy of Burma/Myanmar and both stop some superhuman mercenaries from overthrowing the government while at the same time arresting the genocidal nutcase that runs the place.

Although they successfully infiltrate the country under the guise of mercenaries, and prevent any civilian casualities through Wally West moving people out of the way at the last second and replacing them with temporary magical duplicates to make it appear that the genuine supervillains were actually killing people, the mission is a disaster on two fronts.

One: one of the assassins, a werewolf by the name of Wolfwood, sees through Vera's Deathstroke disguise through his sense of smell, and after having a good go at attempting to murder her, runs off and escapes their custody. The Second and more major problem is that after they arrested the dictator, someone fried him and his aides as the JLElite awaited transportation to get him to the Hague or whereever.

Evidence suggests that someone on the team was the assassin, and considering the team is made up almost primarily out of reformed supervillains, naturally both the JLA and the governments of the world are concerned, as the only reason they allowed the JLElite to be set up was on the basis that they don't kill people. The problem is that even the team don't know who the murderer is.

Here the JLA step into try and find out what's up.

Ollie storms off, knowing that somehow Vera managed to lie whilst wrapped in Diana's lasso, but not knowing how. He bumps into Dawn, wife of Manitou Raven, and after yelling incoherently about fascists for a while, Dawn kisses him, starting their affair.

Later, Vera is looking up Wolfwood's file, and both her friend with Naif and... a problem she has when stressed rear their heads.

Next issue, and the team are not going undercover investigating an innercity gang run by Coldcast's brother that is dealing an alien-made form of heroin. Naif explains what the drug is, and what the plan is going to be.

Ollie corners Vera, and tries to get her to say how she managed to fool Diana's lasso of truth.

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Perhaps wearing clothes is an assertion of her humanity, a confidence thing.

Plus, you never know when your power might be damped by someone else.

Date: 2012-01-28 10:36 am (UTC)
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Belt-and-suspenders type, she is :)


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