Date: 2012-01-29 04:25 am (UTC)
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Do you know what happens after you get tomcats neutered? They stop yowling miserably all the time. They stop limping back with their paws bitten through and their necks covered in blood and their ears torn off and their face so swollen they can't open the one eye they still have and their teeth broken so they can't eat because they're in too much pain to chew. They stop getting lost and coming back months later almost dead from starvation. They stop getting killed. You don't need to put them down because they've got FIV and their immune system just shut down and they're going to die of some stupid little virus. You neuter them, they calm down. They lie down and purr. They stop being scared and violent and high-strung and in pain.

The only time I've ever met someone who didn't neuter the cat because he was so concerned about the tom's happiness, it was an asshole who didn't bother feeding him and the cat, one of the nicest, most personable cats I've met, eventually chewed through the tail of another cat and was put down by animal control.
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